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Accurate Documentary

Author: imdbreviewer

11 July 2015

You'd be hard-pressed to find a historicalaccount that acknowledges the influence (much less the existence of) theMinions throughout time. No matter how many textbooks are produced and releasedeach year, almost ZERO of them note the presence of this incredibly powerfulminority group. 

Well, where history has silenced the Minions,let this surprisingly accurate documentary speak volumes. I found noembellishments of history throughout this 91-minute feature. It would have beeneasy to swing the pendulum of power to overemphasize the history of the Minionsas it relates to major world events, but the filmmakers didn't go for the easyshots. They simply told the truth, and what we are left with are the clearfacts of what really happened to the dinosaurs, the cavemen, and--what I'm surewill be most controversially-- the true lineage of royalty in England. Verybold.

If this doesn't win the Oscar for DocumentaryFeature, we will truly know which side of history the Academy stands on.










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Good family movie - Minions

Author: Dawn Davis from United Kingdom
1 July 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I avoided watching Despicable Me for a longtime. I just didn't like the look of it. But as it turned out, I loved the filmwhen I was eventually coerced into seeing it by one of my nephews. It wasthanks to him that I also liked the second movie. As for the third movie, I don'tknow why some IMDb users are complaining that this movie is more suitable for'kids and families'. It seems odd to expect anything more from The Minions whenthat is the main target audience! I watched this film with my own family andsince this was the first time I took my toddler to the cinema, it makes itextra special. I enjoyed the movie, laughed out at several points and liked iteven more to see how much my daughter loved it. We all had a good time andthere were no complaints at all. This one, like Despicable Me 1 and 2, wasgreat entertainment, lots of villainy and slapstick humour. It is the best kidsanimation I've seen in a long time. A lot of fun.




作者:来自英国的Dawn Davis


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Best film I've seen all year

Author: Lauren Caven from United Kingdom

27 June 2015

I loved both of the Despicable Me films, andhad looked forward to the Minions Movie for months. It certainly did notdisappoint! Bob totally steals it for being adorable and funny, and the endingis perfect! My mum doesn't normally enjoy comedy, but the Minions sent both ofus and my brother into hysterics that were louder than the collective laughterof the children in the theatre! There are a few jokes in it I don't expectchildren will understand too well and a couple of risqué moments that areobviously intended for older viewers, but I do believe that it engages viewersof all ages well and tells a lovely story with plenty of hijinks to entertaineveryone! Illuminations are well on track to surpass the likes of Disney withtheir animation, and I would not be surprised if this is considered a permanentfixture of children's classic films for generations to come.








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Author: Ratik Sood from India

11 July 2015

Having read bad reviews I went with lowexpectations. But as the movie started my laughter overshadowed myexpectations. Kevin, Stuart and Bob go on a journey to find a super villain tobe their tribe's boss. Yes, the story was predictable and it may not have beenas good as Despicable me 1 and 2 but to be honest it really didn't matter. Itwas gripping and amazingly funny and there was no moment in which I got bored. Alsothe jokes were not at all kiddish and would make a person of any age laugh. 3Dwas also pretty good. 

So i would recommend you to leave the seriousside of your brain at your house and watch this hilarious movie of the adorableminions. P.S If you haven't watched the trailer,don't.You will enjoy the moviemuch more.




 作者:来自印度的 Ratik Sood




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Family time

Author: Thvxdjjfsa Pop from Zambia

4 July 2015

Minions is a family night out. Pack your bagseveryone and go to your nearest theater and see Minions. You will not find abetter family film then this. I love the minions so I would by far be there tosee them, and I was. I laughed so hard, and I saw it already 6 times. It wasreally good in 3D. Your kids will love the comedy in this movie.

Minions is the best family film I have seenin 15 years. They are so cute and funny. It has a great cast in it that youwill never forget. There is no other movie like this even though it is a spinoff it is so different then the other movies like it. So get some popcorn get asoda get your 3d glasses and enjoy Minions.



作者:来自赞比亚的Thvxdjjfsa Pop




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One in a Minion

Author: coreyjdenford from England

26 June 2015

This is my review of the lighthearted fun forall the family Minions (spoiler free). This film is set way before the timewhen the Minions meet Gru (Steve Carrell from Despicable me 1 &2). With acomedic edge the film will probably keep you laughing for ages. There weremoments when I was just crying with laughter. 

The Minions (Piere Coffin, voice) arebasically on a quest to find the perfect boss/master the minions in their sillyyet hysterical ways try their hardest to keep a master for just longer than aweek but it goes horribly wrong for them. The three main Minions (on theposter) are Kevin, Bob and Stuart set off on a journey to find their new masterin 1968 (42 years BG, Before Gru) Kevin is the smartest Minion, Stuart is themost ambitious and finally Bob is the cutest and plus the one that is the mostclumsy. 

Minions is a silly yet hilarious prequel toDespicable Me which as you all know is the story of Gru and the Minions. Thereare three reasons on why I that this film is a must see. 

1. Original plot and storyline: This film hasan original which basically starts off with the Minions evolution and basicallyexplains more about how the Minions came along in their own funny ways as toldby narrator Geoffrey Rush.

2. Dialogue: The dialogue is hilariousbecause it starts off with the Minion language but it isn't off putting it'sfunny and sometimes witty but there is human dialogue as well. Voices by SandraBullock, Steve Coogan, Michael Keaton etc. 

3. The Minion: The Minions are the main partof the story (obviously) but the Minions are witty and well probably the mosthilarious characters in any animation.

Overall this film was really enjoyable andreally put a massive smile on my face and it filled the entire cinema withlaughter. This is fun for all the family a must see hilarious animation thatwill put a smile on your face and will keep you laughing from start to finish.This film was especially good in 3D. 9/10 One in a Minion.








1.            几乎所有故事都来自于原创,虽然是《卑鄙的我》的前传,但是影片确实一部原创电影,尤其是通过解说员杰弗里·拉什谈论三位小黄人的冒险之路的部分尤其有趣。

2.            小黄人会说话了。《卑鄙的我》系列中,小黄人只能通过简单重复的音节来表达感情,但是电影中独创的语言,则为影片增色不少(巴拉拉~~~)

3.            小黄热的可爱是整部电影的最大特色。


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propaganda wins

Author: chengkinkwan from Hong Kong

11 August 2015

with all the sponsorship of all kinds ofcommercial products and exhibitions and promotions this rubbish has become amust-see and nobody dares to say a bad word against it because you are not surepeople dare to agree with you while in fact almost everybody falls asleep inthe theater. you could only keep quiet during and after seeing the movie. thestory is not suitable for children. the plot is so weak it can hardly called acomedy. the characters are a bunch of scrambles. a total disappointment. theonly thing i could do is to sigh. in this generation we are living in a pool ofpropaganda. popularity rules.







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Terrible movie for young kids

Author: D W from United States

19 July 2015

This movie is NOT for little kids! My 3 yearold has seen Despicable Me 1 & 2 and both of these movies were not too muchfor someone his age in regards to violence, scare factor and intensity. Minionsmust have been written by sadistic people who don't have children because thismovie is down right awful for so many reason. 

Without going into too many spoilers, thereis a scene in a torture chamber with attempted torture as well as a chainsawwielding maniac and a scary clown. I couldn't stop thinking "WTF werethere writers thinking when they wrote this" while watching this in thetheater. I'm generally very liberal in my movie going experience and ingeneral, but because of this movie I will never let my child watch a movieuntil one of the parents have screened it first. I can't believe this moviedoesn't have a PG-13 rating. 




作者:来自美国的D W




















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